Swipey Rogue is Pac Man mashed up with Diablo! (give embedded web version ~1 min to load)

It was a mobile game, but now it's also totally free for desktop and browser.

Play Endless Mode in a browser, or download the full version to get Challenge Mode also!


Use simple swipes to control your Auto-Running Hero through endless Dungeon-Crawling Room-Puzzling. Push your luck in Endless Mode and see how far you can go, or test your skills in Challenge Mode against 200 Time-Challenge, Puzzle Rooms.


ENDLESS MODE (browser + desktop version, free download below)

  • Procedurally generated perma-death dungeon running
  • Dynamic character build: rank up and experiment with 18 randomized perks
  • Perma-death, explore as far as you can, beat your best runs

CHALLENGE MODE (only in desktop version, free download below)

  • 200 Hand Crafted Challenge Rooms
  • 4 Themed Areas with unique Gameplay Mechanics
  • Room, Area, and Global Progression Stats


Game design and programming by John Sahas.

All original music composed and created by Declan Bell.

All original 2D Art designed and created by Anthony Coito.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

SwipeyRogue_Win_1-1.zip 37 MB
SwipeyRogue_Mac_1-1.zip 37 MB
SwipeyRogue_Linux_1-1.zip 49 MB

Also available on


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Aw, kinda wanted to play this on android

Not on the Play Store anymore? Can you host the APK here?

Actually planning to update the unity project and re-publish on the store again.  I'll post progress on instagram and update the links here when it is live.  Thanks for asking about it!